Freedom to enjoy world-class Solr

Solr is quickly becoming a preferred choice for Sitecore implementations worldwide. But Solr is a world of its own, rife with complexities.

SearchStax makes world-class, high availability Solr, finally easy to get and enjoy. SearchStax frees Sitecore developers from architecting, configuring, deploying, maintaining, scaling, and operating Solr.

Freedom to add value where it counts

SearchStax frees Sitecore clients and integrators to focus on adding value: leverage more Sitecore functionality, implement more business use cases.

The need to allocate resources on building and operating a world-class Solr infrastructure evaporates: SearchStax takes care of it.

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Freedom to move fast

SearchStax users can launch a complex Solr topology with only a few minutes’ work. And once active, a Solr instance comes with all the bells and whistles a world-class DevOps team with strong Solr expertise would build — assuming few limits of time or budget.

How will you use the budget and time you just freed?

Enterprise-grade Solr

  • High-availability SolrCloud
  • Redundant Zookeeper
  • Fully scalable
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Log management
  • Full monitoring and reporting
  • Alerting
  • Solr backup, local or remote
  • DR: cold, warm, or hot
  • Autoscaling

Entreprise-Grade Support

  • Availability SLAs
  • Response time SLAs
  • 24x7x365 available
  • World-class support team
  • Available Solr architects
  • Full search analytics workbench available
  • Available search optimization consultants

Enterprise-grade DevOps

  • Incident management
  • OS patch management
  • Solr security patches
  • ZK security patches
  • Node replacements
  • Cloud node maintenance
  • Periodic vulnerability scanning
  • Solr error / log triage & analysis
  • Solr performance optimization
  • Solr minor/major version upgrades
  • Scale-up
  • Scale-down



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Leverage Experience

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